Even in metaverse, I can’t find a perfect life

The first blade Book Award annual documentary primary list is coming!

The primary list of 2021 documentary books is jointly selected by the hard core reading club of new weekly and 18 selection committees. There are 20 good documentary books of the year (sorted by Pinyin).

Just a few days ago, Qian Xuesen’s letter written 30 years ago was found, which aroused widespread concern. Because Qian Xuesen translated the English virtual reality of “virtual reality” into “spiritual realm”, and paid attention to the basic research related to the popular “metaverse”.

“Metaverse” can be regarded as an enhanced version of “virtual reality”, and the translation of “spiritual realm” skillfully depicts the future people want. But there seems to be a long way between reality and this dream. Under the influence of the epidemic, nearby life is hidden, internet life is further expanded, and slow text reading and leisurely offline shopping have become a luxury. If this is the “spiritual realm”, we seem to have sacrificed too much.

The most shocking scene in the movie matrix is the scene where the protagonist Neo wakes up in the “farm”, bears the pain and pulls out all kinds of pipes connected to himself. Why did he wake up? Because he swallowed the “red pill” that represents meeting the reality, rather than the “blue pill” that immerses him in the illusion forever.

Truth has the power of a blade, but finding truth is becoming more and more difficult. Larger screen, higher definition and gorgeous picture quality, more perfect sound quality, more attractive video, more provocative music, more exaggerated live selling copy, more emotional news… All these make the “real” face more and more blurred all the time.

How can we not be confused by “virtual reality”? These books may be the answer – let people face the real “red pill”. In these books, you can see the marks left by the times on individuals, enter many imperfect lives, go to different places, experience different histories, and experience the disappointment and hope of those people.

Welcome to the real world.

On December 17, we will announce it at Chengdu Fangsuo bookstore   2021 blade Book Award final award list.

Publishing House:   Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

Published on:    2021-8

Based on the recipes of three generations of female chefs of grandma, mother and I (Jiang Yun), and the twists and turns of urban spaces such as Kaifeng, Taiyuan and Hong Kong, this book links up the ups and downs of the Kong family, a medical family in the north for 70 years. “Fake fish maw”, minced pork porridge, fried vegetable horn, “cheese forest”, bread and shrimp… The recognition and lyricism of the three generations of Kongs’ family on family and country, history, life, nature and culture all condense the tip of their tongue and turn into a winding taste, which is the respect and Reflection on existence.

Producer: Casting culture

Publishing House: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

Publication time: 2021-5

In 1938, the “Hunan Guizhou Yunnan tour group” crossed three provinces on foot and crossed the southwest hinterland; In 2018, young author Yang Xiao, who is at a turning point in his life, set foot on this 1600 km long road again. This is an atypical road hiking trip, and it is necessary to pass by large trucks from time to time. However, the mountains, water, birds and human language along the way gradually overlap and interweave with what exiles walking on the same road in history have seen and heard, and even dialogue and resonance. A layered and neglected “China” slowly emerges.

Publishing House: Sanlian bookstore of life, reading and new knowledge

Publication time: 2021-5

This book is a very fascinating biography of two people. It tells the story of two highly praised female test pilots in Nazi Germany.

Hannah and Melitta overcame the prejudice of public opinion against women and won a place for themselves in the male dominated German flight field in the 1930s. They grew into leading test pilots in the war and won the iron cross for their outstanding contribution to the third empire. However, their destinies are very different, and they can’t agree with each other’s choice.

The intertwined life of the two gives readers an opportunity to gain insight into Nazi Germany and its attitudes towards women, class and race. Claire Murray, a famous biographer, describes the true story of their extraordinary and outstanding life by deeply excavating two non-traditional women and through the backgrounds of the 1936 Olympic Games, the Oriental front, the Berlin air club and Hitler’s bunker.

Producer: Guomai culture

Publishing House: Shanghai Culture Publishing House Publishing Time: 2021-7

This book shows the process of psychotherapy from the dual perspectives of therapists and visitors. It makes us find that no matter how different their identity and background are, the troubles faced by human beings are actually the same – love and being loved, regret, choice, control, uncertainty and death. These are the issues we must learn to face together. The pain and life dilemma we encounter in real life can resonate and find hope in this book.

Li Songwei, a well-known psychologist in China, served as a professional reviser of this book and wrote a recommendation Preface: “the process of reading this book is to explore every inch of the soul. The lower it goes, the darker it is, and listen to the thunder in the silent place.”

Publishing House:   Nanhai publishing company

Published on:   2021-10

The latest collection of works by Shen Fuyu, author of “one person” and “craftsman”, has been interviewed for 5 years, recording how the real life stories of more than 30 ordinary people have been rewritten by the epidemic.

“I spent five years interviewing and collecting the materials in this book. When Paris was closed, I suddenly knew how to write about these people. Look back at history in the stories of ordinary people and take care of subtle reality in history. I hope this is a book different from the past.”

Producer:   Casting culture

Publishing House:   Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

Published on:    2021-8

A political science student trapped in a career crisis, facing the confusion of academic and life, accidentally got the opportunity to go to Peru and join a presidential candidate’s campaign team to personally practice what is “doing politics”.

In this process, the historical fragments of Peru and even Latin America flashed continuously, and the author’s text knowledge and practical experience collided constantly. Therefore, he reconsidered the problems related to political practice, academic significance and real life.

This book is not only the author’s personal practice record and travel notes, but also a young man’s sincere reflection on the relationship between himself and the world, knowledge and action. In a sudden Lima dream, there are more possibilities of thinking and action.

Producer: Republic

Publishing House: Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Publishing Time: 2021-1

In 2010, China in Liangzhuang was first published, showing us the changes of Chinese villages in a rapidly changing era. Ten years later, the author Liang Hong returned to his hometown again to revisit the people and things described in his book that year.

In the past ten years, everything is changing, but it seems that nothing has changed: some people have left here forever, some drifters have returned here, and the appearance, rivers and land of the village are different from before. In the personnel changes, the vitality and vigor revealed by Liangzhuang and Liangzhuang people are no less than those in the past.

In this return, Liang Hong re examined his hometown from a new perspective, brought the people of Liangzhuang back to our vision with exquisite description and keen insight, and traced a long and powerful lifeline of an ordinary village by tracing their lives – this lifeline belongs to those who “were born, grew up and died in Si”, It also belongs to people who live in the same torrent of the times.

Producer: Wanchuan culture

Publishing House: China workers’ Publishing House

Publication time: 2021-10

Mulan marriage contains the true stories of 15 women. As a collection of non fictional writing, these individual female stories may be fragmented and discontinuous, but if these stories of different characters and different ages are combined into a woman’s life, it shows the magic of the internal track of life.

Even if a woman is trapped in isolation, so that her personal world can no longer have close contact with men and future generations, her passion for life itself is still there, and she can still be inextricably linked with the world.

The stories of “Mulan” are bright and sharp, which let us see the complex truth of human nature, and Hu Hui’s pen leads us to believe that beautiful things still exist.

Publishing House: People’s Literature Publishing House

Publication time: 2021-10

The tea shop on the corner is the latest non fictional historical book of Wang Di, a famous historian and representative of micro history and new cultural history.

Focusing on the tea shops in Chengdu from 1900 to 1950, the author vividly shows the daily life, mass culture and the economy, society and politics in that public space by using the data of field investigation, official archives, novels and poems, and the research orientation of micro history and the literary writing technique of deep description.

Producer:   Extensive collection

Publishing House:   Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

Publication time: 2021-9

The book records the real stories of the places nadaf eyar visited and witnessed in the past ten years. The protagonists in the story – American workers, unemployed Greeks, Syrian refugees and entrepreneurs from various countries – walk along a narrow path, with hope in their left hand and fear in their right hand.

The stories of these different countries and ethnic groups, like puzzles, demonstrate the past and present life of globalization, tell how a global consciousness across geographical and cultural boundaries appears, how globalization has changed people’s moral feelings, and clearly reveal the crisis facing globalization.

The world is at a time of drastic changes. Whether we can find a new and imaginative way of change will determine whether human society can lead to a more just and sustainable future.

Producer:   Shanghai beibeite

Publishing House:   Guangxi Normal University Press, published on:   2021-9

“Life story” is Rao pingru’s manuscript. It can be said that it is his autobiography and records his life.

Childhood, military career, public-private partnership, going to the countryside, making wooden cattle and horses in the earthwork team, adventure in his later years… The author unfolds a personal history from birth to death in a peaceful and meticulous style, spanning a century. The wind and rain of history fall on an ordinary person, during which all kinds of, constitute an extraordinary memory of a generation. Finally, this drop of water flows back into the torrent of the times

Publishing House: Zhonghua Book Company publishing time: 2021-8

“Book ask” person, letter also; Those who “ask for books” also ask for books.

The 41 letters collected this time have witnessed the author’s consistent enthusiasm in reading, buying, visiting and even writing books.

From 2012 to 2021, it spanned ten years. In the letters sent back to her hometown from Kyoto, the place of study tour, the four seasons changed, and things changed, but what remained unchanged was her love for books and her obsession with knowledge.

Producer:   Extensive collection

Publishing House:   Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House published on:   2021-10

As the best educated and self-conscious young women, they are full of ideals and enthusiasm. They are not willing to be nameless housewives like their mothers’ generation. They want to work hard in the city of New York through their own efforts. When they leave school, they are overwhelmed by various practical problems: premarital sex Contraception, husband cheating, hard work in the workplace, hard parenting, getting along with native families, and even same-sex comparisons. They thought they could change the world, but they found that society left them few choices.

In this book, McCarthy incisively and comprehensively analyzes the plight of modern women. It seems ruthless, but it points directly at the heart of the people. McCarthy seemed to see through the deepest secrets of women. Perhaps we are in a different era and environment from them, but we are facing very similar choices. They are us. What is female power and where is their way out? They may give you the answer.

Producer:   Rising Waves

Publishing House:   Sichuan people’s Publishing House published on:   2021-2

On October 26, 1999, a young woman, Zhuye Shizhi, was stabbed to death with a knife in front of JR Tonkawa station in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The victims reported to the police many times because of long-term tracking and harassment, but the police did not pay attention to it, and finally failed to stop the tragedy.

In the process of investigating this incident, reporter qingshuijie followed the guidance of the “last words” left by the victim, visited and verified in many ways, found the perpetrator as a reporter when the police despised the clues and the investigation was ineffective, and then exposed the police’s indifference and perfunctory to the victim’s report before his death, as well as the attempt to discredit the victim The act of covering up the facts of dereliction of duty.

The case triggered strong social repercussions and promoted the promulgation of Japan’s code of conduct on stalking and harassment. This book is a complete record of the event.

Publishing House:   Renmin University of China Press, published on:   2021-4

Who is the representative thinker of Japan after the second world war? Most people will answer: Shino Maruyama (1914-1996). Maruyama, as a political scholar and a researcher in the history of Japanese political thought, has a great influence on the speech and academic circles. This book focuses on liberalism as the foundation of Wanshan’s thought, describing and evaluating a perfect life.

It has been 25 years since Maruyama died. Even now, his achievements as a thinker have not lost their significance. Maruyama’s works are modern classics suitable for all kinds of readers if you want to explore the political situation of all countries and the international community and Japanese traditional ideas.

Producer:   Fruit wheat culture

Publishing House:   Tianjin People’s Publishing House published on:   2021-5

I’ve seen so many misfortunes that I’ve never been depressed—— Chen nianxi

This book contains 21 non fiction stories of Chen nianxi. The book tells the story of a group of ordinary and simple workers. They are blasters, stone haulers, rural carpenters, farmers, peasant women, small workshop owners

The writer’s own story runs through: he opened mountains and blasted rocks 5000 meters underground, supported his family in the smoke and roar, wrote poems in the sheds and mountains, and recorded the explosion and silence of fate.

This is a Book of life and death. In the final analysis, it is a Book of life.

What is the world like? What is life like? In my feeling, in addition to the long and ubiquitous wind, the rest are dust. We rush and strive to stand firm, but more often we are staggering and can’t help ourselves.

Publishing House: life · reading · Xinzhi Sanlian Bookstore Publishing Time: 2021-1

Taking Lu Xun’s life course and ideological development as the longitude and latitude, and his three efforts to resist his “ghost spirit” and “despair” as the main axis, the author depicts the doubt, contradiction, gloom and even darkness in Lu Xun’s ideological temperament deep into the bone marrow. Both the author and readers will be in emotional and psychological resonance, Feel the great spiritual pain and ideological tragedy of Lu Xun as a person.

The author once explained the reason for this understanding of Lu Xun “I want to break the atmosphere of blindly lifting Lu Xun to the cloud, and express my diverse feelings for Lu Xun, not only admiration, love, but also understanding, resonance, even sympathy and sadness; I also want to show readers the complexity and difficulty of life, not only Lu Xun, but also ourselves, not only the past, but also the present and future”.

Producer:   New classic culture

Publishing House:   Wenhui Publishing House published on:   2021-1

George Parker, winner of the US National Book Award, followed four post-60s Americans from different classes – white farmers in the South who pursued the American dream, African American female workers who lost factory jobs, elites shuttling between Wall Street and Washington, and Silicon Valley tycoons who prospered through the Internet economy – to show four ups and downs of life and uncover the severe pain of four classes, Write about the anger and sadness of a generation.

This is the only generation of Americans whose lives are sinking: they were born in the golden age of post-war economic growth. After half a lifetime of struggle, they ushered in the collapse of the traditional social structure.

In addition to the protagonist’s story, the book scans the social changes in the United States in the past 30 years like a film lens, and draws a panoramic flow scroll intertwined with culture, economy and politics. Reading the sinking age is like sitting in the first row watching the midnight funeral of the American dream. This is a requiem for every American. It is also a current revelation about the turning of the times and the drastic changes in the world.

Publishing House:   CITIC publishing group · Beijing Times Chinese publishing time:   2021-6

This book is the representative work of American cultural idol Joan Didion. It is the first batch of works to reveal the disordered reality under the appearance of American prosperity after World War II to the public. It set off a hot debate at the phenomenal level in American society at that time, and thus became a palace level non fictional work of American literature. The book contains more than 20 famous works by Joan Didion, including trek to Bethlehem, California dream, golden dreamer and so on.

With his cold writing style and hot self, Didion alienated and trapped deeply, restoring the anti-cultural tide in the United States in the 1960s, especially in California. “Everything disintegrates, and the center is difficult to maintain”: under the appearance of social prosperity, the traditional values and lifestyle have begun to collapse, but the new future is far away. The society is completely out of order, the life of the middle class is in crisis, and the hippie movement rises; A whole generation immersed in nothingness and confusion, made an almost ridiculous powerless resistance – this is a complete record of touching the soul of an era in the United States.

Producer:   New classic Amber

Publishing House:   Wenhui Publishing House published on:   2021-11

Dr. Zhang and Dr. Wang were born in a working family in the 1970s. In the process of state-owned enterprise restructuring and rapid social transformation, with the full support of their families and their intelligence and hard work, they got rid of the fate of falling behind and realized the leap of class. However, although they seem successful, their lives are still full of anxiety and fatigue.

The two authors interviewed dozens of people, salvaged the picture of past life from old newspapers, old photos, building ruins and oral memories, described the personal growth and class leap of Dr. Zhang and Dr. Wang for half their lives, and examined the construction process of their knowledge, dignity and self. At the same time, taking industrial cities, unit society, scarce economy, working-class culture, masculinity, major historical events and changes of the times as the longitude and latitude, this book presents a contemporary northeast with both depth and breadth.

Reading the stories of Dr. Zhang and Dr. Wang, we will clarify how a series of profound changes at the turn of the century have shaped the way of life and spiritual world of a generation. Through the ups and downs of individuals in history, we will also see the fate outline of a city and an era.

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