VR vocational education enterprise Hongxin Education announced the completion of angel round investment and will lay out metaverse talent training

This article comes from: blue whale Finance

Blue whale education, November 29 – according to media reports, recently, Hongxin education, a VR vocational education enterprise, announced that it was invested by Mengyun holographic Angel round, and metaverse talent training will be arranged in the future.

It is reported that Hongxin education is a comprehensive company with digital technology as the core, integrating vocational education investment, digital education platform, VR education technology, human services, e-commerce and industrial manufacturing. It is headquartered in Shenzhen. At present, it has 2 secondary vocational education schools directly under it, 5 secondary colleges of higher vocational education, 10 cooperative colleges jointly built by school enterprise cooperation majors, and cooperated with Nanchang VR Industrial Park in the application and development of vr virtual reality technology. There are more than 8000 full-time students, nearly 100 teaching staff and nearly 24 vocational training bases.

The application scenarios of VR education solutions of Hongxin group comprehensively go deep into VR popular science education, VR vocational training, VR live broadcasting and other fields and scenarios. At present, Hongxin education has a large resource library of more than 2000 VR course resources. Products include VR panoramic interactive smart classroom, vrmetaverse platform, VR classroom, etc.

As the investor, Mengyun holography is a holographic technology service provider, providing technology development and application of automatic driving, intelligent algorithm and holographic data processing based on holographic technology, and providing customers with software and hardware solutions with holographic technology as the core.

At present, it has relevant technologies in the fields of virtual visual imaging, motion capture, image acquisition, holographic digital light field, panoramic display, virtual reality social simulation model application system, virtual reality manikin dynamic demonstration system, naked eye 3D dynamic imaging control system, virtual reality standardization system and so on.

It is reported that Mengyun holographic strategic investment in Hongxin education will promote the implementation of VR / Ar / holographic vocational education and training projects, and combine the advantageous resources of the two companies to cultivate more technical talents for the metaverse industry.