Metaverse: maybe the future, or the end

What exactly does metaverse mean by the recent fire? In fact, in short, metaverse is an immersive virtual environment where you can really be with people in the digital environment and digital society. We can imagine it as the embodiment of the Internet, but we are in it rather than just watching it.

Whether in the industry or academia, if we don’t discuss metaverse at present, it’s really out. Some people even think that metaverse is comparable to the era of great navigation, the era of great industry and the era of aerospace. However, whether metaverse’s future can be expected or crisis is unknown. The current metaverse is nothing more than a concept of capital entry, and it is unknown how long this concept can survive. Moreover, at the beginning of metaverse construction, several companies took the lead, that is to say, a virtual world known as parallel to the real world may have power discourse in the hands of a small number of enterprises. Will people accept such a world?

Even if metaverse is really built, everyone has a virtual identity. In this world, everyone can immerse in the virtual gentle village. Will the development of reality continue? Can human beings overcome desire and return to reality? The current AI technology has more than once reflected that human control over artificial intelligence is not impeccable, and the prediction of matrix is not alarmist, because human beings are running in this direction. Therefore, it is really hard to say whether humans can really handle metaverse as the future!