Crazy metaverse: after buying digital land for $2.43 million, someone spent $650000 on a virtual yacht

Sandbox metaverse, a virtual game platform, recently sold the most expensive NFT asset on its platform to date, a metaflower superyacht. Someone paid 149 ethereums, worth about $650000.

Sandbox is a virtual world in which players can build, own and monetize their game experience.

Metaflower is a super luxury yacht, released by metaverse developer Republic real. It is part of the fantasy collection series designed by the company for sandbox. It is a series of NFT luxury projects, including private islands, water motorboats, speedboats, Super Yachts, as well as a membership Beach Club and dream wharf.

Recently, the sale of luxury goods in the new three-dimensional iteration of the Internet – “metaverse” has been making headlines.

Earlier this month, a piece of digital land in the virtual world decentraland was sold for $2.43 million, a high price that even exceeded the price of most homes in New York and San Francisco.

A day later, another piece of digital land was sold in another virtual world, axey infinity, for $2.3 million.

The rising interest in such assets has also driven the value of cryptocurrencies associated with the virtual world to soar, from the mana token of decentraland to the sand coin of sandbox.

Publisher: ccpublished on metaverse Sina Chinese on November 29, 2021