Media comment: Baijiu Metaverse? Ham metaverse? chill!

Original title: Baijiu Metaverse? Ham metaverse? chill!

□ she Huimin

As a science fiction concept that has been published in the novel for nearly 30 years, metaverse has ushered in another round of speculation in the capital market this year.

Last week, in decentraland, a virtual world platform, a piece of digital land was sold at a high price of $2.43 million, setting a new price record for virtual real estate. Many netizens exclaimed: metaverse also speculation! In fact, more than real estate speculation? Baijiu Metaverse, ham sausage Metaverse, Metaverse scenic spot, Metaverse city… Metaverse is a basket, everything can be installed inside. “Everything can be metaverse”, the joke of netizens has become a real Carnival of capital.

Let’s analyze the current metaverse boom from the perspectives of reality, fame and profit.

Reality – concept first, far surpassing scientific and technological progress.

The concept of metaverse began in the American science fiction avalanche in 1992. It is a virtual reality network world, which can map and interact with the real world, so that human beings can experience a completely different life in the future.

At present, the epidemic has brought about the rise of the housing economy, and the development of new technologies such as extended reality (XR) and digital twins has made it possible to realize the concept of metaverse. Metaverse has been turned out by technology giants from novels to tell stories to the capital market.

The underlying technical architecture of metaverse includes network environment, virtual and real interface, data processing, authentication mechanism, content production and other aspects. The metaverse that human beings can create at present is very primary and primitive, and the related technologies only stay at the entrance of metaverse. When will the technology base mature? About 10 years is the most optimistic forecast.

Fame – giants strive for fame in order to advance the layout.

Recently, some international technology giants competed to join metaverse. For example, social networking giant Facebook officially changed its name to meta, which was jokingly called “don’t face”. Some people can’t help asking: the technical foundation is not mature, why do giants rush into the pit?

Giants compete to layout metaverse, which is actually a struggle for fame, and the struggle for fame is to win profits. There was a story on the Internet: “once upon a time, there were several bread sellers, such as Langlang brand bread, Tengteng brand bread, sosou brand bread and Yiyi brand bread. The competition was fierce. One day, Langlang brand bread was renamed bread brand bread, and several other brands were instantly petrified.” obviously, meta wanted to be the “bread brand bread” and use the word “meta” first, It is forcibly bound to the metaverse concept. It is hard to say whether it will monopolize in the future.

Metaverse is a future that will be realized to a large extent for organizations participating in the name competition, and now is a good time to take the initiative.

Profit – following the trend of investment is like licking blood at the edge of a knife.

From the perspective of enterprises, it is understandable to set foot in metaverse in advance; But from a market perspective, it is obviously too early to use metaverse to give enterprises a valuation premium.

In addition to the risk that the technology is far from mature, metaverse has many other risks. The virtual world based on algorithm may make human beings too addicted and make the real society fall into decline, which has been warned in science fiction films such as matrix and number one player. In reality, after the technology matures in the future, the construction and governance of metaverse will obviously encounter a lot of problems such as social ethics and the rule of law, and the risk of uncertainty is very high. If small and medium-sized investors want to follow suit and invest in metaverse, it is like licking blood at the edge of a knife. It is risky and difficult to make profits.

It’s not true, fame comes first, and profits are rare. For the public, the hotter metaverse is, the more calm it needs! According to economic daily

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