Unannounced visit to the “metaverse Salon” in Shanghai: it is claimed that the investment has increased 18 times in 40 days, and can you really earn tens of thousands of dollars a day in metaverse?

“Do you know the popular ‘Metaverse’ on the Internet recently?” “yes, I’ve heard.” “what we build is the economic system in ‘Metaverse…”

“I was stunned by them without listening to a few words.” Ms. Cai, a Shanghai citizen, recalled the scene when she attended a “Metaverse” salon lecture in Shencheng in early November. Or Ms. CAI was suspicious of her extravagant speech. On November 1 this year, she called 12345 citizen service hotline to report that someone was “brainwashing and promoting virtual Metaverse investment”. She suspected that this was another kind of scam.

After the explosion of the concept of Metaverse, from online courses to offline lectures, contents and activities under the banner of Metaverse emerge one after another. Before ordinary people have time to understand what Metaverse is, they are worried that they have missed the wealth of Metaverse. So, are these salon lectures a brainwashing scam? After listening to these lectures, can you stand on the wealth tuyere of Metaverse? Jiefang Daily Shangguan reporter conducted an investigation.

Buy Metaverse currency, turn 18 times in 40 days!

Ms. Cai told reporters that the reason why she went to the so-called “Metaverse wealth Salon” was to listen to the recommendation of a friend. She secretly took a picture. The salon on that day was held in building 93, building 12, No. 1333, Xinlong Road, Minhang District. “A long and narrow piece of table, full of people on both sides, listening to a ‘teacher’ share Metaverse.”

△ building 12, No. 1333, Xinlong Road, Minhang District.

△蔡女士提供的“ Metaverse 沙龙”照片。(非正常拍摄)

On the afternoon of November 22, the reporter came to building 93, building 12, No. 1333, Xinlong road. This is a three storey office building. No. 93 is located in the southeast corner of the whole building. A sign of “liquor number camp” is hung at the entrance. Through the door glass, you can see that rows of chairs are placed in one corner of the hall on the ground floor, and a white curtain is in front, which seems to be a lecture place. The glass was locked and the lights were on, but no one moved. Has the air outlet of Metaverse been blown away? The reporter came to the second floor from the outside fire ladder. The fire door was unlocked. Inside was a large office. A woman was sitting on a sofa in one corner and making a phone call. “Send me your wallet address and I’ll transfer you a few coins”… When you look at it, the woman is the “teacher” in the salon photo provided by Ms. CAI.

△ through the door glass, you can see that there are rows of chairs in one corner of the hall on the ground floor. In front of it is a white curtain, which seems to be a lecture place.

The reporter suddenly appeared a little abrupt. The woman repeatedly asked the reporter “what happened” and “who introduced it”. The reporter said that she came to look for the investment opportunities of Metaverse. Some words dispelled her concerns. She asked the reporter to sit on the outside and wait. In the inner office, two people kept talking. After a while, a man sent a “customer” out, and the woman motioned the reporter to follow him and listen to his introduction. The man took the reporter to an office on the inner side and sat in front of a tea table. He first called, “your friend invested 10000… The meeting was held on the 25th, and brought some people…” it seemed that he was “reporting” the “investment” of the customer just now. Putting down the phone, he turned to ask the reporter: “do you know the popular Metaverse on the Internet?” in the next more than an hour, four “teachers” came on stage, or mobile phone demonstration, or whiteboard writing, and gave the reporter a wealth lecture on Metaverse.

From the man’s mouth, the reporter learned that they are promoting a virtual currency called “me”. In the future Metaverse, this currency will be used in the virtual world. It is said that this virtual currency was just issued in September and has entered the “second stage”. The man explained the way to make money: once you buy money, you can set up “pledge mining” and “give you profits every day like a hen laying eggs”; You can also participate in the second stage of the game, that is, freeze the currency for 40 days, receive the reward every day, and use the reward currency to draw 12 constellation cards, “drawing different cards can turn the input currency into different multiples, with a minimum of 2 times”. The reward can be frozen again and “profits roll”. Watching the reporter listen to the clouds, the man summed up a sentence, “the worst money you buy is three times over in a round.”

The “third stage” that is about to enter is the real Metaverse. Speaking of excitement, the man pulled a whiteboard and described Metaverse called “the beginning of creation” to the reporter. The so-called Metaverse will go through six times: agriculture, industry and Internet. In the agricultural era, for example, the system will sell 200 islands, “just like QQ farm, for you to operate”. The Metaverse currency “me currency” is required to buy islands and various materials. Of course, the operation will also produce “me currency”. However, there is a limited issue of 21 million pieces in the world, which will rise in the future. The man vowed.

△ the man filled a whiteboard and described Metaverse called “the beginning of creation” to the reporter. (abnormal shooting)

At this time, another man appeared and wrote a whole board of calculations on the whiteboard, emphasizing that it can be turned 18 times in 40 days at the current card stage, not three times what the man who received the reporter said before

△ another man wrote down a whole board’s formula on the whiteboard, emphasizing that in the current card stage, the investment in 40 days can be increased by 18 times. (abnormal shooting)

Is the long-standing “virtual currency” and “chain Tour”

While introducing, the “teachers” took the initiative to add the reporter’s wechat and came to various links to guide the reporter step by step to install the E-wallet software, apply for the E-wallet of “coin security smart chain” and add “me currency”, and then add the associated applet using “me currency” and the exchange applet named “pancake” to the E-wallet software Added a page to browse the real-time price of “me currency”, etc. After some operation, the reporter has long been confused by the concepts, pages and small programs he has never touched. The “teachers” kept urging the reporters to buy the virtual token named “usdt” from them as soon as possible according to the real-time exchange rate of US dollars, and then buy “me currency” in the exchange to make money. The earned “me” currency can be exchanged and withdrawn at any time… If they lack understanding of the blockchain field, they may have been convinced after several rounds and directly handed over their mobile phones to ask the other party to “do it for”.

△ according to the “teachers”, similar “Metaverse salons” are held online and offline every day. The picture shows that building 93, building 12, No. 1333, Xinlong Road, Minhang District, is still brightly lit at night.

When you open the associated applet of “me” coin, you can see huge words everywhere, emphasizing Metaverse elements, such as “immersing blockchain in Metaverse”, “building Metaverse ecology”, etc. Are these exaggerated concepts really related to Metaverse? The reporter consulted a well-known senior investor in the blockchain industry. He told reporters that the “Metaverse ecology” advocated on the Internet are long-standing “virtual currency” and “blockchain Games” (hereinafter referred to as “chain Games”), which are just hyped and promoted in the “shell” of Metaverse.

△ open the associated applet of “me” coin, and you can see huge words everywhere, emphasizing the Metaverse element.

According to professionals, “me coin” is a virtual coin issued by using the “coin security intelligent chain” platform. There are countless kinds of such coins on the network. The so-called “Metaverse economic system” is commonly known as “chain game”, that is, a game developed based on blockchain technology. Professionals told reporters after the experience that the card system of Metaverse in the second stage is a web game. Developers associate the above issued virtual coins into the game and extract different cards to change the number of coins held. That’s all.

With “Metaverse” as the keyword, the reporter searched on the QQ platform and found that there are a large number of “Metaverse communication groups”. The reporter joined several groups and found that people in the group continued to come in to promote all kinds of “Metaverse ecology”. It is clear that all of them are standard configurations of a virtual currency and a chain game. Some games are poorly made. It seems that they are the farm planting, pet cultivation and enterprise management games popular on the Internet more than ten years ago, but they are often under the banner of “the strongest dark horse of Metaverse tuyere”.

△ the reporter joined several Metaverse investment groups and found that people in the group continued to promote all kinds of “Metaverse ecology”. It is clear that all of them are standard configurations of a virtual currency and a chain game.

In the Metaverse salon experienced by reporters, “teachers” also reminded reporters to copy the invitation links in the system to others, so as to earn income and encourage reporters to take interested people to the “conference” on the 25th. The survey found that these “Metaverse ecology” also “grafted” the MLM model in order to achieve promotion. For example, the “promotion plan” set up by a virtual currency claims that with the increasing number of promotion, you can enjoy different percentages of income given by 12 generations of members at most.

△ the picture shows the “Metaverse Salon” invitation sent by the “teacher” to the reporter.

△ some “Metaverse ecology” have also “grafted” the MLM model in order to achieve promotion. The picture shows the “promotion plan” set for a virtual currency.

Invest in Metaverse to make money? Beware of falling into Ponzi scheme

Investing in such a “Metaverse” can really “earn tens of thousands of dollars a day playing games” as advertised? Professionals pointed out that to uncover the shell of Metaverse and guard against the fact that it is essentially a “Ponzi scheme”, the collapse will happen sooner or later.

On the one hand, the popular “chain Tour” on the Internet is often not a real game and does not have communication power. Just through simple operation, the virtual currency held by investors is “pretending” increasing. At the same time, the game will set up various mechanisms to “lock” the increasing value of virtual currency held by investors. For example, you promise to freeze the return of rewards, such as pledging mining to earn income, so as to avoid investors converting the earned virtual currency into cash and prolong the cycle of “scam”. Even if someone withdraws cash, the money paid by those who enter the site will be used to fill the hole.

On the other hand, a typical feature of blockchain scams is that the “opponent” of investors is the issuer. Although the virtual currency appears to be traded on an exchange, the buying and selling of investors are related to the issuer. In this case, the issuer can control the price at will. Once the issuer thinks it has earned enough, these virtual coins can only be bought but not sold, or the price simply falls to nothing. In the final analysis, it is the set of “air coins” of previous years.

As early as September 4, 2017, the people’s Bank of China and other seven ministries and commissions issued an announcement clearly pointing out that the so-called “virtual currency” is essentially an unapproved act of illegal public financing, suspected of illegal sale of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. On August 24, 2018, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments jointly issued risk tips, pointing out that some criminals, under the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain”, absorbed funds by issuing so-called “virtual currency”, “virtual assets” and “digital assets”, which infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but hype the concept of blockchain and engage in illegal fund-raising, MLM and fraud. On November 22, 2019, the Shanghai headquarters of the central bank once again released the news that the speculation of virtual currency has shown signs of rising recently, the hype has been renovated, speculation is prevalent, prices have soared and plummeted, and risks have gathered rapidly. Now, the same scam has been put into the shell of “Metaverse” and made a comeback.

With the continuous speculation of the network, although it has been familiar, the concept of Metaverse has not been clearly and accurately defined so far. There are many diverse voices. One thing that can be made clear is that although Metaverse seems to have broad space and a variety of possibilities, it is still an emerging thing that has not yet taken shape. Here we remind the citizens of Shencheng to recognize all kinds of routines and scams under the banner of Metaverse and avoid being deceived by the “sudden wealth overnight” advocated by some we media. When dealing with new things, while maintaining curiosity and exploration, we should also retain a sense of prudence and rationality.