Western media article: in metaverse, everything is possible

Reference News Network reported on November 28 that the website of Spain’s Herald published an article entitled “Metaverse fever” on November 18, believing that everything is possible in Metaverse. The author is esteve almirali. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Many people worry that their jobs will be replaced by technological progress. In a virtual world, all work will be automated, so a lot of labor is no longer required. The company is getting smaller and smaller, not only because of production automation, but also because of the increasing automation of sales, coordination and management tasks. Due to real-time data management and the intensive use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and information technology, the production inflection point of diminishing returns has also improved. Now is the era of Gigabit factories. Economies of scale have been raised to unprecedented levels, while fewer and fewer workers are employed. Will this be the end of capitalism? Will capital in the form of software, robots and Gigabit factories eventually win the job race?

In any case, commodities are only things that human beings think are valuable in a specific period of time, and change with the ideas of generations. Money is only a medium and measure of exchange and a symbol of the relative value of each commodity. However, what is considered valuable is not limited by our needs, but depends on our collective imagination and the meaning and value given to things. In this case, Mark Zuckerberg renamed facebook “Metaverse platform company” and focused on creating an Metaverse. So what is Metaverse space and why is it so important?

“A general trend”

Metaverse is just a virtual universe, as we saw in the video game second life, but it uses the most advanced technology today. As we all know, many innovations lie not in how strange ideas are, but in whether they can be implemented. The idea that human beings live in an isolated environment and only establish virtual connections has a long history. Now, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, avatar or avatar, high-resolution display, real-time generated realistic images and gestures, high-definition augmented reality or virtual reality glasses have gradually become a reality. Today’s technological level enables us to build a “trusted” virtual world. We will enter a new world, a world different from the physical world, which has no restrictions on the objects that can be built, owned and used. In a word: everything is possible.

An essential element that makes Metaverse possible is the economy. Like the real world, Metaverse is based on two concepts – value and property. Value is embodied not only in products and services, but also in virtual goods and services. Virtual goods include virtual houses, clothes, accessories and so on. In addition, there are virtual services, such as transportation, education and entertainment services in Metaverse. Metaverse is based on the ownership of these objects and the ability to carry them from one Metaverse to another and maintain ownership or use rights. Like real goods and services, these virtual goods and services have manufacturing costs.

This is not just a matter of products and services, we will also get experience. We are already familiar with certain experiences, such as games. In the virtual world, many classic games have a history of decades. However, it is certain that the future will still bring us surprises.

Perhaps one of the elements we pay more attention to now is the world of work, because many people start telecommuting. The working world already has the basic elements for development in Metaverse. With a little imagination, we can imagine how much technology such as hologram and virtual scene can contribute to Metaverse. To a large extent, COVID-19 and other factors have accelerated the development of these technologies.

Similarly, the world of education was virtualized many years ago. Online teaching has become a possibility, even under the pressure of COVID-19 represent the general trend. With the blessing of technologies such as virtual reality, we can “personally” go to ancient Rome, or enter the internal combustion engine or human body to understand its working principle, so as to make the field of education broader and unlimited.

If any world has already become the testing ground of Metaverse, there is no doubt that it is the game world, especially online games. The closest to this world are performances, parties, concerts, art and other fields. In short, many forms of entertainment will benefit greatly from more and more immersive technologies, which can confuse the sensory information we receive and make us experience virtual things as real things.

“Two basic tasks”

In fact, as for how to regulate Metaverse, it will be in the hands of technology giants such as Facebook at least initially, because this does not mean a fundamental change in social networks or multi-user games. The reality is that the immersive ability of Metaverse will fundamentally change our interaction mode on social networks. And this will have a huge impact on everyone, especially young people.

The current technical level makes Metaverse a reality, and the society is undergoing large-scale changes. The pandemic has increased the acceptance of Metaverse by human society. Obviously, Metaverse will provide a huge market, and no one wants to miss the express train of Metaverse… Many factors make Metaverse a general trend. This is no longer a question of “whether it can be realized”, but a question of “when”.

Facing this situation, we have to complete two basic tasks. The first is to fully understand this new reality and try to play its due role in the establishment and regulatory framework of Metaverse, especially its market planning. Our second responsibility is to be a participant, not just a bystander. We should participate in exploring the value of this new economy and benefit from the construction of Metaverse as much as possible. This is why we must pay attention to the technologies that form its pillar, especially such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality or virtual reality, cloud computing, hologram, interactive system design, etc. These are the basic disciplines of Metaverse, but they are also general disciplines, so they can bring unlimited possibilities for innovation. However, the most important thing is that we must become the vanguard on this road and grasp the opportunity in the construction of Metaverse. We must have the courage to try, because in Metaverse, everything is possible.