Why did the “meta universe” usher in a big explosion

Original title: Why did the “meta universe” usher in a big explosion

In Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, the iconic “like” hand icon in front of the headquarters of social media Facebook has recently been quietly replaced by the Greek letter “meta”. “Meta” originally means “transcendence”. When it forms a “meta universe” with the “universe”, it represents “a world beyond the universe”. Since this year, “meta universe” has become a popular concept pursued by many science and technology giants at home and abroad. It is Facebook’s ambition to surpass the original 2D screen, turn to immersive experiences such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and create a larger social “meta universe” map. In the future, will human beings live in the “meta universe” virtual space constructed by the real world and technology companies at the same time, and become amphibious species?

“Meta universe” signboard

From science fiction to reality

“Meta universe” was originally a concept originated from science fiction and movies. In March this year, the listing of American game company roblox completely detonated the upsurge of “meta universe” in reality. Players can freely develop various small games on the roblox cloud platform. This “open ecology” is the main reason why it is regarded as a “meta universe” concept stock. Subsequently, the concept was popular among domestic and foreign technology giants and markets, and all kinds of capital competed to enter the market.

About 30 years ago, American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson created the concept of “meta universe” in his novel avalanche, which refers to the virtual world generated by computer. A Hong, the protagonist of the novel, is a pizza takeout. In reality, he shares a small warehouse with others, but when he connects himself to the “meta universe”, he lives in a virtual mansion. In the “meta universe”, everyone has his own digital avatar, and the equatorial street, which is more than 60000 kilometers long, is always brightly lit.

The film “the number one player” more intuitively shows the audience the realization form of “meta universe”. Put on the VR helmet and enter the “oasis” virtual world. The “oasis” has a complete running virtual social form. The protagonist can not only “see” but also “feel”. Through the somatosensory suit, he can feel the physical pain caused by conflict in the virtual world.

Ba Shuji, CEO of roblox, proposed the eight elements required for the “meta universe”: identity, friends, immersion, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization. Based on bashuki’s standard, “meta universe” should be a virtual world parallel to the real world, with a fully functioning social and economic system.

Why the outbreak

It is generally believed in the industry that 2021 is the first year of “meta universe”, five years have passed since 2016, which is known as the first year of “virtual reality”. Will the first year of the so-called “meta universe” be “old wine in new bottles”? People may get a glimpse from the strategic planning of relevant technology companies.

Zuckerberg once said that “metauniverse” will become the “successor” of mobile Internet, saying that Facebook will change from “a social media company to a metauniverse company” in the next five years or so. He also announced that within five years, EU countries will hire 10000 highly skilled talents to build a “meta universe”. Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA also announced in May that the company is trying to build an “enterprise version of the metauniverse”. The production company of the game fortress night said it had raised $1 billion to develop products related to “metauniverse”.

Companies shape the “meta universe” in a variety of ways. NVIDIA, a global chip giant, has developed a real-time simulation and collaboration platform for exploring the “meta universe”. Hashilus, a Japanese VR developer, opened the “meta universe” browser in August, allowing users to directly enter a virtual space with a large number of real-time online participants from the web browser.

“Technology yearns for new products, capital seeks new exports, and users expect new experiences”, which is the main reason for the explosion of the concept of “meta universe” this year. From the perspective of demand, COVID-19 weakens people’s connection in the real world and strengthens the interactive demand in the virtual world. The “2020-2021 yuan Universe Development Research Report” recently released by the new media research center of Tsinghua University has pointed out that under the COVID-19 isolation policy, the whole society has greatly increased in Internet time, and the “home economy” has been developing rapidly. From the technical level, the development of technology provides the possibility for the “meta universe”. Among them, AR, VR and other interactive technologies and hardware equipment are the most critical.

Currently in “lactation”

An endless stream of “meta universe” applications have the potential of “random flowers gradually want to charming eyes”. However, both the technical level, content supply and user experience are still in the primary stage. Yi Kai capital, a new economic investment institution, believes that the “meta universe” is still in the “lactation period”, and the breakthrough in the short term is games, social networking and immersive content, which are the core needs of users at present, so as to gradually expand the extension and form an ecology.

In the long run, the “meta universe” may eventually give birth to a new type of social relationship integrating online and offline. Shenyang, executive director of the new media research center of Tsinghua University, said that on the one hand, the “meta universe” has expanded people’s survival dimension, and people will live in a comprehensive environment integrating the real world and the virtual world. “Looking forward to the future, online and offline will be completely connected, human real life will begin to migrate to the virtual world on a large scale, and human will become a real and digital amphibious species,” Shenyang said.

However, the landing of any emerging technology will be accompanied by unknown risks and challenges. Shenyang believes that with the deepening of the integration of virtual and real, the new crimes in the “meta universe” may pose a great challenge to supervision. Zuckerberg said that no matter social relations or personal items, people will more or less bring some things from the physical world into the virtual world. Therefore, privacy and security issues need to be paid attention to in the “meta universe”. According to Xinhua news agency and banyuetan

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