The decline of human civilization? Is the yuan universe vain or the future golden finance

“The meta universe depicted by Facebook not only does not represent the future of mankind, but also will lead to the decline of human civilization.”  

On the latest issue of “dialogue” broadcast by CCTV on November 20, when talking about the topic of meta universe, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and founder of 360 company, frankly expressed doubts.

At present, Internet giants have announced the layout of the meta universe. The concept of “meta universe” is very popular in the capital circle and science and technology circle, and seems to become a new hot spot and outlet.

It was in the applause of the yuan universe that Zhou Hongyi said: “the concept of the yuan universe has been very hot recently, but we don’t want to fry the concept.” many people have found new ways to circle money. Many companies announced to engage in Yuan universe, the stock price soared, and some took the opportunity to reduce their holdings, and then cash out and leave.

He believes that, first, the virtual reality of meta cosmic fantasy will take time; Second, according to the fantasy of Facebook (now renamed: meta), the meta universe does not represent the future, but the decline of mankind.

So, what is the sanctity of the meta universe? Is it a new outlet, or is it a capital scam?

Manhattan venture said in a recent research report: “the metauniverse is on the cusp of completely changing the game industry and other industries.”

Chis Beauchamp, chief market analyst of Ig company, a financial institution, also said in a report: “as more and more companies join the” meta universe “, it will create a new concept and foundation of service and experience the world, and is expected to provide a new way for enterprises to expand revenue”.

Supporters of yuancosmos believe that this virtual world may hide the password of Internet transformation, and we don’t want to miss this opportunity. Its strong gold absorption ability in the capital market has really made many companies lose their resistance.

Major giants are flocking to the concept of meta universe, and the stock prices of related concept stocks of meta universe are rising. Domestic and foreign giants such as Tencent, byte beating, Baidu, Microsoft and Huawei have joined the army of metauniverse to layout metauniverse by acquiring shares in relevant companies or industries and registering relevant trademarks. Apple announced that it would launch the meta universe product Apple ar helmet in 2022, and Microsoft plans to turn its Microsoft teams into meta universe.

Some investment institutions also launched metauniverse ETF (open-end Index Fund) to anchor a large number of popular stocks of metauniverse concept, so that more ordinary investors can participate in the secondary market investment of metauniverse.

Overnight, it seems that yuanuniverse has become a new capital darling. The hot money in the hands of both giants and small investors has been invested in yuanuniverse related concept industries or products.

However, while the meta universe has set off an upsurge, it has also triggered some disputes.

Liu Cixin, known as China’s “first space architect”, said publicly: “the future of mankind is either moving towards interstellar civilization or indulging in vr virtual world all year round. If mankind has realized a highly realistic VR world before moving towards space civilization, it will be a disaster.”

Generally speaking, the doubts about the meta universe from all walks of life mainly focus on four perspectives:

From the development stage, the current meta universe industry as a whole is still in the embryonic stage, and the technical limitations are the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of meta universe.

There are many diverse voices, but it can be clear that although the meta universe seems to have broad space and a variety of possibilities, up to now, it is still an emerging thing that has not yet taken shape.

It is undeniable that there are corresponding technical support and social life factors behind the popularity of the concept of meta universe.

On the one hand, after years of development, roblox’s eight key features of the meta universe (identity, friends, immersion, low delay, diversity, anywhere, economy and civilization) rely on technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5g communication, wearable devices and other underlying technologies. This gives people confidence that the “meta universe” is based on science, not completely vain.

On the other hand, due to the epidemic and other reasons, online office and online courses are becoming more and more popular, people stay longer in virtual space, and the proportion of online life is increasing. Therefore, in some specific scenes, people capture the changes that the metauniverse may bring to life.

Although controversial, the development of the meta universe also reflects the future of the digital revolution. If the “meta universe” is naturally bound to capital, it is not rigorous to think that it is just a concept of speculation.

As industry insiders pointed out: “is it a mirror or a touch of the future, capital speculation or a new track, a new bottle of old wine or a new breakthrough in science and technology”, you might as well “let the bullet fly for a while” before making a conclusion.

At present, the global technology giants are laying out the meta universe, but the meta universe is a huge concept. In the short term, the meta universe is almost impossible to realize, but in the long run, one day in the future, the arrival of the meta universe is definitely not a dream.

In the final analysis, when the meta universe can land depends on when the infrastructure can reach a certain level and achieve comprehensive collaboration, which requires the cooperation of cutting-edge software and hardware technologies such as chip, AI, system and cloud computing, which is the technical condition for the realization of the meta universe.

Looking back on the past, people simply can’t imagine how computers will rapidly, violently and fundamentally change human production and life. Similarly, looking at the future from the present, it is difficult to predict what impact the meta universe will bring.

However, it is certain that the meta universe is the development direction of the Internet in the future. Through its application in different fields at present, the yuan universe has shown signs and can be expected in the future.

“Avalanche” has a saying, “trivial as a wisp of water vapor, but she can condense the dew of truth from it”.

At present, in the face of various beautiful visions like “water vapor” brought by the meta universe, what people need to do is to strive to condense the “dew” of good technology. Only through long-term improvement and promotion can we usher in the real meta universe.